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Are you interested in a job opportunity of a lifetime?

We bring talented IT professionals from around the globe to the region of Amsterdam to work for our clients on the most challenging IT projects; - Technology and methodologies that push your career to the next level - A salary you can't refuse - a turnkey apartment near Amsterdam (furniture, TV, Wi-Fi, etc) - ticket and transport to your new life - local contacts and support.
When you are ready for a career move and enjoy one of the most entertaining cities in Europe, contact us. We will arrange everything to make your stay a great experience for you and our clients. Our clients are continuously looking for well-educated and experienced professionals for projects. The average lifespan of an engagement is between 6 and 12 months. Our clients need professionals on site for optimal interaction with the local agile/scrum teams. You will have a great international experience, meet new people and enjoy Holland and Amsterdam; a metro pole on village scale with 5 million tourists every year.

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